European Forum Alpbach 2013  “Experiences and Values”

The overall topic of the European Forum Alpbach 2013 is “Experiences and Values”.
16 scientific Seminars, 12 Symposia and 5 Summer School Courses will give participants the possibility to expand their knowledge in a wide range of disciplines and explore relevant issues of our time.

This year’s Forum will provide more room for a diversity of perspectives and formats. Debates, Fireside Talks, a Science Slam, an interactive plan game and a Bar Camp are some of the novel features in 2013.

For the first time, all the symposia will be overarched by the crosscutting theme of “Digital Worlds”. Under this motto, the Forum will discuss topical questions and developments relating to the cyberspace phenomena. Arts and culture is strongly integrated in the conference programme: the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (London), the KWI (Essen), as well as the renowned documentary filmer Erwin Wagenhofer will give further impulses to the programme.

The Forum boasts 600 speakers from more than 60 nations.
Some (but by far not all) of our guests will be:

– Rufus Pollock, Co-Founder, Open Knowledge Foundation, Cambridge
– Bruno Stagno Ugarte, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Republic of Costa Rica
– Josef Schmidhuber, Senior Economist, FAO, Rome
– Lykke Friis, Former Minister of Climate and Energy of Denmark, Copenhagen
– Jacques Attali, Former President, EBRD; President, PlaNet Finance Group, Paris
– Elsa Fornero, Former Minister of Labor, Social Policies, and Gender Equality of Italy
– Konstantin Novoselov, Nobel Laureate in Physics, University of Manchester
– Jan Zielonka, Professor of European Politics, University of Oxford
– Jeffrey Sachs, Director, The Earth Institute, Columbia University, New York
– Samar Yazbek, Writer, Journalist, and Activist for Civil Society, Syria, Paris
– Rob Bliss, Chief Executive Officer, Rob Bliss Creative, Chicago
– Soogil Young, Director, GGSD – Green Growth and Sustainable Development, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Seoul

If you want to get an impression of the Forum you might want to watch this video:

Venue: Alpbach, Tirol, Austria

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