H O N O R A R Y      M E M B E R 

IGAA & His Excellency Mr. Bujar NISHANI, President of the Republic of ALBANIA

President Nishani held a meeting with representatives of the IG Alpbach Albania Association participants in the 2014  EFA.

At the beginning of the meeting, the President said that he felt very pleased that young Albanians are part of this forum, because this is a very good opportunity for personal and reciprocal acquaintances and knowledge of cultures, exchange of experiences, creating networks of communication, that will serve to many young people in their professional future, or as political managers, as well as to make known the Albanian culture, traditions and capacities.

Speaking on the role of the youth and their contribution for the future of the country, the President said that he finds that in Albania there is a new generation of European mentality and competitive capacities being formed and added that young Albanians need support and European infrastructure, but asked at the same time, that they themselves, through democratic and institutional forms, be responsible, and try to be active in the decision-making process.

President Nishani also praised the contribution of young Albanians, who by participating in such forums provide a proper image of Albania, and added that a proper perception paves the way for all forms of communication and cooperation.

The meeting continued with exchanges of opinions on sensitive issues such as education, youth employment, cooperation of politicians with the youth, the image of the country, etc.

In conclusion, President Nishani accepted the proposal of the young participants to become an honorary member of the IG Alpbach Albania Association and pledged its support for its activity.

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More info you can find @http://president.al/?p=20360&lang=en